Sometimes the best things come in pairs, and that goes for rescues too! Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz with Hope for Paws received a call about a dog who had been living in the junkyard and recently gave birth to puppies. Lucky for this mama dog, she had an angel feeding and looking out for her for the last year.

When the rescuers arrived at the location, the mom was very friendly and had one of the puppies by her side. She reportedly had given birth to nine puppies but seven of them were given away by the workers and one of the remaining two puppies did not survive. Without the help of the kind woman that had found her, the mama dog wouldn’t have survived either.


Lisa was able to quickly secure the lucky leash around the dog’s neck and load her into the crate for transport. Her sweet baby was right there beside her also, ready to start a new life. On the way, however, there was another call for help not too far away. Another little dog was found living in an industrial area for several months and was clearly hungry. Lisa and JoAnn put out a trap with food to make this a successful rescue.

In no time, all three dogs were on their way to safety, happiness, and love. After a checkup, bath, and new names, these cuties were ready for the next chapter. Mama dog was named Vegas, her baby Moondusk, and the name Bingo was given to the newest rescue. Vegas and Moondusk headed off to a foster home thanks to LA Animal Rescue and adorable Bingo got a new forever home with the help of Smooch Pooch Rescue. Lisa and JoAnn outdid themselves on this one!

These ladies are true heroes in every sense of the word, for them, however, it’s all in a day’s work. Hope for Paws saves hundreds of lives year after year. Without the help of compassionate animal lover’s caring for these innocent beings would be impossible. To make a donation to Hope for Paws, click here.