Henry, the pig in this video, is one happy guy. Once intended for slaughter, he was rescued by The Gentle Barn, a farm animal sanctuary with a location in Tennessee. Although he arrived at the sanctuary with a fear of humans, this zippy pig’s anxiety soon dissipated once he realized there was nothing to fear in his new home. Now that Henry is settled in, he’s so full of joy, it can’t even be contained – his happiness dictates that he must run!

This video captures only a snippet of Henry’s big personality. According to The Gentle Barn, this playful pig comes running whenever volunteers are near and immediately rolls over, expecting tummy rubs. Henry looks for affection and playtime just like a big, pink puppy!

Pigs aren’t so different from cats and dogs — in fact, they may actually be smarter than dogs! So why would we treat these animals any differently from the dogs and cats we share our homes with? Luckily for former farm animals like Henry, sanctuaries like The Gentle Barn exist. For more from the rescued animals from Gentle Barn, click here.