Animal Control in Vigo Indiana was called in to rescue four mini horses who had been abandoned on a property. Mini horses are bred specifically to be small. Like teacup dogs, they are considered “fad” pets and are also subject to being abandoned by owners who no longer want to care for them. With no one to look after them, the animals were in terrible shape, with filth and feces piled up as deep as 30 inches in some places. With limited resources to address a situation like this, authorities called in Horse Shoe Equine Rescue in Terra Haute Indiana, to help.

The horses had obviously been neglected for quite some time before dumped and left to their own devices. This situation was made incredibly evident by this horse’s badly matted mane.

With filth and feces piling up in a confined area, these poor animals were beginning to literally swim in their own waste.

Without proper upkeep, the horses’ hooves were entirely overgrown.

Luckily, the Horse Shoe Equine Rescue has a dedicated staff who was ready and able to tackle serious problems like these. Soon, they had these horses groomed and shining, a testament to their hard work.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Animal Control and Horse Shoe Equine Rescue, these horses can put all of that pain and suffering behind them and begin the next phase of their lives, safe and secure.

Horse Shoe Equine Rescue is an amazing, non-profit organization, dedicated to saving the lives of neglected, abused, and abandoned animals like these. If you would like to learn more about the life saving work being done here, you can access their website here.

 All image source: Horse Shoe Equine Rescue/Facebook