Kind Imgur user Wdawh rescued an orphaned kitten after her mother was hit by a car. The kitten was the only one of the litter to survive, but thanks to this compassionate human, she’s on her way to a great life.

The little kitten was crawling with fleas, so Wdawh took her in, gave her a bath, and bottle fed her around the clock.


Wdawh decided to name the kitty Mavis, after famous Blues singer Mavis Staples, because she “had a set of lungs” that made her heard by anyone in the apartment.

She was taken in by Wdawh’s sweet cat Milton, who Mavis tried to nurse on regularly — to Milton’s amusement and horror. But he groomed her and slept next to her almost every night.


She also loved snuggling with a duck doggie toy.

And helping her surrogate mom make tutus. 


Wdawh was able to find a permanent parent for Mavis and now she’s getting into all sorts of new mischief at her new house. Some things never change… Good luck, Mavis!


All image source: Wdawh/Imgur