We know you’re looking forward to a spooky, creepy, and scary Halloween … but let’s take a timeout for a cute, happy, and funny one! These moon bears are celebrating Halloween by enjoying jack-o-lanterns. Watching them figure out how to get them open is nothing short of entertaining! Scratching, smashing, biting; they go to any length to get to the yummy inside! The whole scene is even more heartwarming when you learn about the nightmares they experienced on bile farms before being rescued by Animals Asia.

These bears once endured unimaginable cruelty and neglect on bile farms. Like so many others, they lived in confinement for the purpose of having fluid extracted from their gall bladders. The practice of consuming bear bile has existed in Asia for thousands of years. Sadly, due to the quasi-medicinal properties of this product, innocent animals are either killed or held captive to have the fluid extracted. Moon bears and sun bears are the most sought after victims of this cruel practice. Thankfully with rescues like Animals Asia working to end the bear bile industry, moon bears are being given a second chance at happiness.


To learn more about Animals Asia’s mission to end bear bile farming, click here.