Grabbing a fluffy pillow, a warm blanket, and taking a well-needed snooze is one of the simplest luxuries in life. Unfortunately, in the animal agriculture industry, where chickens and pigs compete for space and can barely move, sleeping comfortably is a luxury rarely granted. Thankfully, there are organizations all over the world hard at work rescuing animals and showing them that there’s more to life than cruelty.

Under the care of Santuario Igualdad Interspecie, the animals in this video are finally thriving and living the life of comfort they deserve! They’ve been saved from slaughter and now know that kind humans exist. The joy they exude as they rest their little heads to snooze is undeniable, these animals definitely love the TLC. Whether it’s a chick, a pig, a goat, or a cow, this video proves that these farm animals are not the non-feeling beings we paint them to be. Nope, not one bit.