Chickens are some of the most misunderstood animals. Although they’re incredibly intelligent and emotional beings, most people see them as “bird-brained” animals that don’t understand anything about the world around them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, but sadly, this belief has led us to subject chickens to some of the worst forms of abuse in the animal agriculture industry. Thankfully, there are many kind people and organizations working to put an end to this cruelty by spreading the truth about these animals. Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is one such organization that strives to create a world where all animals are given the love and respect they deserve.

In this video, we see Pam Ahern, the founder of Edgar’s Mission with Red Baron a little rescued chick. Red Baron was born into the egg industry and since males are considered non-profitable “waste,” he was gassed along with hundreds of his brothers and then frozen to be sold as snake food. Miraculously, this tiny chick survived and when he arrived at his destination, the person who heard his chirps decided to spare him and brought him to Edgar’s Mission.

Saved from certain death, this happy chicken now spends his days in the care of the amazing sanctuary staff who absolutely adore him. Red Baron is known for hanging out on Pam’s shoulder or perched on her head! They really are inseparable friends.

If you think this is the life all chickens deserve, share this video and encourage others to learn more about these brilliant animals. To learn more about Edgar’s Mission, check out their website and Facebook page.