Laura, the piggy, leads a pretty incredible life. Originally destined to become someone’s dinner, she was rescued in the nick of time by the amazing folks over at Santuario Igualdad Interspecie earlier this year. Witnessing the pure joy that exudes from this piggy during snuggle time makes us extra happy that this little girl was able to avoid the horrible fate so many of her fellow animals have to endure.

Pigs are extremely intelligent creatures, both cognitively and socially. They are able to form strong friendships with others, and some even say they’re smarter than dogs. We’re so glad that over the last few months, Laura has become an ambassador of sorts for her fellow piggies. She is playing an important part in demonstrating to humans that pigs are not just objects at the hands of the cruel food industry. And she’s doing it in the cutest way imaginable! We hope more pigs are able to live out a similarly peaceful and love-filled life in the near future.