Nothing takes the edge off of a hard day at work faster than the joyful face of your furry BFF. But what happens when the face that greets you at the door isn’t the animal you were expecting? Well, this is what happened for Shaylee Hubbs.

When she entered her house, she was welcomed by this sight:

If you want me to “moove” over, don’t even think about it!

The cow, named Goliath, lives on Shaylee’s family ranch and thinks he is a dog. No … seriously.

Goliath was extremely sick when he was a small calf so Shaylee rescued him and raised him alongside her pet Great Dane. The two became fast friends and now they’re near indistinguishable!

This might seem like a strange situation, but in reality, cows make fantastic companions just like dogs and cats. The only problem is that they are very large and need to eat a lot. But hey, in Shaylee’s case, the same is true for a Great Dane!

Most of us don’t have the space or the know how it takes to keep a cow healthy, so we’ll have to settle for cute videos and pictures on the Internet. Luckily, we have a lot of that here for you cow enthusiasts! Here’s a sweet video of another cow rescue and here’s one featuring a bundle of cow snuggles!

Of course if that isn’t enough, you could visit a sanctuary for rescued farm animals to experience these beautiful creatures firsthand.

Image source: Shaylee Hubbs/Twitter