When Cassandra Hall found out that a local breeder was going to euthanize one of the rabbits because no one wanted him due to a rare genetic disorder that left him completely hairless, she immediately stepped in.

The two-month-old bunny named Mr. Bigglesworth, after Dr. Evil’s bald cat in the Austin Powers franchise, has since become a social media star. That’s right, the sweet little rabbit originally destined for death now delights fans worldwide.

Mr. Bigglesworth left his 8,800+ Instagram fans in awe of his unique look!

Many people think Mr. Bigglesworth is bigger than he really is (due to his big personality, of course), so Cassandra warmed up a cup and he patiently sat for photos to show the comparison. So sweet!

Look at his tiny feet! “He has very soft, velvety skin, but It hasn’t impacted his health otherwise. He eats a lot and he’s really hyper and always flipping around the lounge,” Cassandra told the Daily Mail.

Cassandra has only heard of a handful of cases worldwide like Mr. Bigglesworth’s undiagnosed condition. Regardless of the rare genetic disorder, she is determined to give Mr. Bigglesworth the life he deserves. 

Mr. Bigglesworth shares a home with, Loafy, Cassandra’s other bunny, who is slightly bummed out that Mr. Bigglesworth has stolen all of the thunder. 

Despite some negative comments, many kind people have sent Mr. Bigglesworth fan art, as well as knitted little sweaters for him. Cassandra even had to create a P.O. Box because of all the outpouring love!

Keep on doing you, Mr. Bigglesworth!


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To follow all of Mr. Bigglesworth’s adorableness, check out his Instagram.

Image source: Loafy and Mr. Bigglesworth/Instagram