Every time I drive by an animal killed on the road, it breaks my heart. But I never knew that it was possible for babies to survive such an incident. But these baby possums did just that. And the miracle didn’t stop there. These two were lucky enough to be spotted by a member of WildCare, who  stopped to check on the injured mother.

The rescuer took them to the WildCare center, where they are now recovering. They sure are lucky little buggers! Their little faces will melt your heart.


Eventually the possum babies will be able to return to the wild. But for now, they will be fed by hand until they learn to hunt on their own. WildCare helps over 200 species a year and functions in large part because of dedicated volunteers.

If you would like to help care for the babies, which eat $3.50-worth of food each per day, visit WildCare Bay Area’s website. There you can find information on how to volunteer as well.