According to Farm Sanctuary, “Each year tens of thousands of animals are killed or injured in U.S. highway accidents while being transported by the meat industry.” Thinking about the conditions that animals in factory farms must endure just simply breaks our hearts. To the meat industry, animals are nothing more than commodities and little care is given to their welfare. Luckily, however, there are many organizations who share our love for animals are work very hard to rescue the animals who manage to escape this life.

The chick featured in this video was rescued after she fell off a transport truck headed for New York City. The chick, named Jane, along with dozens of other chickens, were rescued on the Staten Island Expressway by Animal Control and taken to receive urgent care at Farm Sanctuary’s New York shelter. Once Jane safely arrived at Farm Sanctuary, she was understandably stressed and scared. Having known nothing but fear and anxiety in her life before the accident, the chick was only able to relax after she realized that the people at Farm Sanctuary were there to love and care for her.


Susie Coston, the National Shelter Director for Farm Sanctuary, captured the sweet moment when Jane finally nodded off and went to sleep. Sweet dreams little chick – your living nightmare is over!