After the Hope for Paws team received a call about a little dog who had been living on the streets, they immediately headed to the location. When they arrived, the dog was hiding underneath a vehicle, so they used the opportunity to surround him with a fence to keep him from running away. The poor boy, who rescuers nicknamed Batman, was terrified and quickly angled for any way out.

Batman had reportedly been on his own for weeks and he had no idea who these strange people were or what intentions they had. Thankfully, once Eldad got him out from under the car, Batman realized they were there to help him. This trust was confirmed when he fell asleep in Eldad’s lap on the way to the Hope for Paws vet. All those days of stress, loneliness, and not knowing where his next meal would come from finally caught up with him, he was exhausted!


After a checkup from the vet, Batman was cleared for adoption, which came quickly thanks to H.E.L.P (Home for Every Living Pet)!

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