The organization Second Chance Rescue NYC has come across a disturbing story of a dog who was thrown out of a moving vehicle in the Bronx – and, instead of getting help from the passersby witnessing the scene, she was then put into a shopping cart and left alone, as the people walked away. The mistreated dog, Beatrix, is now, fortunately, in the care of the rescue team – but because of what she was put through, she is now fighting for her life.

The rescuers received a call about the horrific event from one of their informants. Beatrix was found with hypothermia and her temperature was barely even registering. She was emaciated and her body was covered in painful sores and plagued with ticks and fleas. She was unable to use her back legs because of her weakness. As her carers write, after the adrenaline wore off, Beatrix’s body began to give up – but to have a chance at a normal happy life yet, she has to keep fighting, and the team is doing everything to save her!

Beatrix’s condition is heartbreaking – but the rescuers hope and trust that she will get better and have a second chance at a life.


A generous donor is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who has any information regarding the person who threw the dog out of a speeding vehicle. If you have any info in the case, please email [email protected] or call 914-438-7705 and leave a message.

You can donate to Beatrix’s medical care through the rescue’s website.

To learn more about Second Chance Rescue NYC, click here.

All image source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs/Facebook