We love cute animal stories, but it’s an extra treat when we come across the story of an interspecies friendship. These friendships show there are no boundaries when it comes to love. Animals don’t pass judgment – whether or not you’re furry or  scaly – they all simply want to be loved and cared for. And this story featuring the relationship between a piglet and puppy has captured the hearts of thousands of people from all over the world.

When a piglet was found abandoned, her current guardians took her in and nursed her back to health. They have given her a forever home and named her Piper!


With the love and comfort of her new home, Piper soon relaxed.

 She even made an unlikely friend: a puppy covered in spots just like her!

The puppy is Piper’s next door neighbor and the two frequently have cuddle sessions. 

The pair love to play together but sometimes just cozying up in bed is enjoyable too.



We just can’t get over how cute this duo is! Pigs have unique and intelligent personalities, however, pigs are seen as dirty, smelly and not so bright but that’s simply not the case. A famous computerized experiment in the 1990s showed that pigs were able to move the cursor of a computer, play video games, and differentiate between different drawings they had produced. IQ tests suggest that pigs are just as smart as dogs and chimps. Impressive, right? These photos just further show that pigs are truly no different from puppies.

For more Piper cuteness, you can follow her guardian on Instagram for tons of adorable photos and videos.

All image source: Kookie and Kipper/Instagram