With all of the negative press coming out about captive orcas at SeaWorld, a happy ending story for killer whales has become a rare find. For this reason, I could not be more thrilled to deliver this happy news update on Springer, an orphaned killer whale who captivated national audiences over 11 years ago when she was found all alone in the Puget Sound.

When we first met Springer so many years ago, she was ill and grieving after the loss of her mother, but today she is thriving back in the wild with a new family of her very own. Every year, Springer passes through the waters of British Columbia, and this year, she was spotted with a calf!

According to a report from Lance Barrett-Lenard, a member of the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Research Program, the pair appear, “healthy and robust.”

Springer was reunited with her family pod after being nursed back to health in a net pen station off the Puget Sound, and the results of this care are truly incredible. Seeing Springer back in the wild, thriving with her family pod and her new calf is a wonderful thing, one we hope many other rehabilitated cetaceans will get to experience one day.

To learn more about Springer’s story, check out the video below:


Image source: Rene/Wikimedia Commons