Earlier this year, Humane Society International (HSI) discovered a dog meat farm in Goyang, South Korea that had everyone on the rescue team appalled in disbelief. While most dog meat farms keep dogs outside, the 55 dogs found at this particular farm were all kept in filthy cages in a basement-like room without natural light or fresh air. Through the beams of their flashlights, the HSI rescue team saw the desperate eyes of these sweet pups begging for help. Thanks to the dedication of HSI, these lovable pups are now safe and sound in the U.S. ready to be adopted by their forever homes.

Here is a glimpse into the horrific conditions of the Goyang dog meat farm where 55 dogs were found living in squalor.

Here two of HSI’s rescue team members share a lighthearted moment with a pair of gorgeous puppies rescued from the farm.

Now, this is how a pup should be: smiling happily, safe and sound. Looking at this utterly adorable face, we cannot understand how anyone could let themselves harm him. 

This little guy is all smiles as he leaves behind his traumatic life at the dog meat farm. It is as if he knows life as he knows it is about to change forever – for the better.

These rescued dogs are now being given the love and kindness that they deserve, and the looks on their gentle faces show just how much they appreciate their rescuers.



These dogs are being sent to a number of shelters across the United States. If you are interested in adopting one of these adorable pooches, please visit the HSI website for a list of shelters who are involved in this rescue process.

All Image Source: Humane Society International / Facebook