We will warn you, this video is a bit graphic but it has a very happy ending for the puppy in need.

After compassionate locals in a market saw the extensive wound on this puppy’s back, they made the life-saving call to Guardians of the Voiceless.


It was clear to the rescuers that the puppy was in unspeakable pain. The skin around the middle of his back was completely missing due to what they think may have been an accident or dog attack. The puppy was immediately treated and bandaged so the healing could begin. Little Chotu was also given what was probably the first good meal in his life and a soft space to rest.

Although the Guardians are at full capacity, they often rely on the help of kind locals to keep a loving eye on animals who are recovering. The shop owners who helped Chotu get the help he needed are allowing him to stay inside in the warmth and the Guardians are visiting the pup every day until he is fully healed.

We look forward to the day that this sweet baby will finally know what it is to be safe, happy, healthy, and loved. Thank goodness that he was given hope and a new chance at life, thanks to the locals and the amazing work by Guardians of the Voiceless.