The Guardians of the Voiceless team carried out an incredible rescue involving Arti, a cow who found herself in a seemingly hopeless situation. The rescuers were informed about a cow who had been stuck in sewage since the previous evening. Although kind locals tried to free the animal, it proved too difficult and the cow did not have enough strength to get out.

When the rescuers arrived, they found the poor animal exhausted and shaking in the freezing cold water. They needed to act fast – and, with the help of those already gathered near, they tied ropes around the cow and started to pull her out. It took some time, but finally, the effort paid off – and Arti was successfully out of her trap!


Arti was weak, malnourished, and wounded all over her body from the accident. The Guardians immediately made a fire to help her get warm, fed her, then contacted Gau Vansh Pashu, a specialized cow shelter. Now, she is in the diligent care of her new guardians at the shelter, finally out of danger, well fed, and completely comfortable.

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