In the middle of a snowstorm in Detroit, Michigan, a group of people stumbled upon a young dog tied to a pole by the road. Luckily, the kind people decided to act right away and they contacted Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue about the abandoned animal. Thanks to this rescue, the dog, Speckles, is now getting all the help she needs from her new caretakers and soon will be ready to look for a forever home.

Chained to a stop sign, Speckles could do nothing but lie in place and wait for someone to help her …


Thankfully, this poor abandoned dog was noticed before the freezing temperatures could take their toll on her.

The morning following her rescue, Speckles was already doing much, much better.

She is currently at Center Line Veterinary Hospital where she is getting all the necessary check-ups.



Speckles was very lucky to be found and helped in a situation that could have ended tragically. Now, she will hopefully have a chance to start a whole new life in a seriously great, loving, and responsible home. Since she was found with no identification on her, she will have to be held for seven days after which she will be made available for adoption! We certainly hope the person who gives her a new forever home will make her forget all about this unfortunate start in life!

It might seem obvious, but PLEASE never leave your dog, or any animal, tied up in extreme weather. If you ever come across an animal in need like Speckles, check out this list of rescue hotlines that can help!

To learn more about Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, click here.


All image source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue/Facebook