Joey, a sweet Pit Bull/Labrador mix, came to Detroit Dog Rescue in the midst of winter. He was found freezing, chained to a metal barrel and his paws were frozen to the ground. Thankfully, he was saved just in time by officers from Detroit’s Animal Control department and he was transferred to the rescue. It was not a long time ago that Joey was abandoned and rescued – but this beautiful dog already had the best happy ending he could have wished for!

After arriving at Detroit Dog Rescue, Joey, who is believed to be around 18 months old, started to thrive with the help of his new friends.



He was moved to a foster home and socialized with dogs, cats, and even horses. He proved to be a wonderful “cuddle buddy” and loved to learn.

Although he loved his foster home, Joey really needed a seriously great forever family. And now he’s found it!

The lucky pup is now living in Traverse City with his new guardians who “just love him and were thrilled to welcome him home.”

When he was found, Joey was emaciated and almost frozen, looking completely sad and hopeless. But thanks to his rescuers and caretakers, he is now a recovered, healthy, and happy dog living with his loving new family – and surely being just as spoiled as he should be!


To learn more about Detroit Dog Rescue, click here.

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All image source: Detroit Dog Rescue/Facebook