In Detroit, Michigan, public works employees recently contacted animal rescuers about an unbelievable find in a dumpster – a horribly emaciated puppy who is now fighting for his life at a veterinary clinic.

The dog was thrown away like a thing rather than a living and breathing being. He was rescued after a Department of Public Works worker was flagged down by a man saying he had found a puppy in the trash. Frightfully skinny and frail, the little black dog was rushed to the Healing Care Animal Hospital in Allen Park thanks to the help of Patricia Trevino.


At the time, it was already a miracle that he was still alive – in spite of his terrible condition, the dog survived and was now tended to by the vets.


The poor puppy got a new name – Aaron. When he arrived at the clinic, his body temperature was 94 degrees. Patricia explained on Facebook, that shortly after, he vomited water. He was so dehydrated that it was difficult to get a blood sample for tests and, in the end, it had to be drawn from the puppy’s neck. The vets found that Aaron’s kidney function was very compromised – it could be due to Lepto virus or a result of being left for a long time with no food or water, which led to extreme dehydration. The team is now waiting for the results of the Lepto tests. For now, the puppy is safe and in isolation, with an IV, kept warm and comfortable by a warming wrap. His temperature has gone up, but it is not sure whether he can hold it.

The puppy has already proven that he is stronger than anyone would imagine – but he is still fighting for his life.




Aaron has already received a great number of donations for his medication and he will hopefully soon be at a rescue center. He is in good hands and, thanks to the intervention of the people who found him and did everything to save his life, he has a chance to heal and have the most beautiful life, if only he is strong and fortunate enough to recover.

All image source: Patricia Trevino/Facebook