Jeremy is a little Pit Bull puppy, but he does not look like a puppy should at all – instead, he is the image of sadness and the terrible neglect. He was brought into the South Carolina Shelter as a stray and his condition was terrible – he could not stand nor walk. It was immediately arranged for the puppy to be sent to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s emergency veterinarian hospital.

At the clinic, Jeremy got a central line, was given albumin, and blood transfusions along with dextrose. His blood cell count was extremely low, as well as his body temperature. His skin was so damaged from the mange and dehydration that it was almost impossible to insert a catheter. He was – and still is – fighting for his life.

“Our hearts are breaking for Jeremy,” said Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  “He looks like he is made of stone with those sad eyes peering out begging for help.”

Jeremy managed to survive the night, but his condition remained grave. The team found out that he had a brother at the same shelter – who was also suffering from mange but, overall, in a much better shape. They arranged for the pups to be reunited, hoping this would give Jeremy the perk up he so needed…

When Joshua, Jeremy’s brother, arrived at the office, he rushed right to see the other dog. Their sweet meeting brought everyone to tears, as Joshua softly nuzzled his sick brother and comforted him as much as he could.

“…even though Jeremy remains pretty out of it, we hope he found comfort in knowing he is not alone,” the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC team wrote on their Facebook page.



Jeremy is still on an IV, heat, and a feeding tube. He keeps on fighting – and is going to have a wonderful life if only he has the strength to carry on and get through this terribly trying time. We all have our fingers crossed for this beautiful sweet little pup.

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All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook