If you are a pet guardian who cares for a dog, then you know how funny and curious our four-legged, furry friends can be. In this video, you will see one excited little pug!

After the person in this video flushes the toilet, the dog cannot contain his excitement. The swirly movement of that toilet bowl water going down into the pipes is almost too much to bear! The dog jumps onto the toilet bowl, then starts to swirl around in the same motion as the toilet water, stopping with each circle to tap the toilet seat as if he’s in some sort of relay race.

This dog is cracking us up! We love our doggy friends and all of the odd, humorous and awesome things they do. For more dog footage, see This Public Pool Has an Annual Pooch Party to Raise Money for Local Dog Park and Dog and Elephant Playmates Bond at the Myrtle Beach Safari.