People who abuse animals often do so under the incorrect assumption that animals are too stupid to know what is happening to them. But as we know, this is hardly the case, and animals show us how intelligent they are every day. Take, for example, the story of Rita the pregnant pig.

Before Rita lived at Animal Place sanctuary, she was raised on a factory farm. This sort of existence is typically nothing short of horrific for sows who are confined to small crates and deprived of all their basic needs. All this changed for Rita, however, when she was loaded onto a truck to be transported to slaughter. She was smart enough to know that she had to escape, so she took a leap of faith!

Witnesses on Highway 50 near Sacramento California reported seeing the pig force open a metal gate and jump from the vehicle, landing in the soft grass on the side of the road. When animal control officers took the brave sow back to the local animal shelter for the customary holding period, Rita surprised everyone again by giving birth to 14 wriggling piglets! Unfortunately, in the stress of the event, five of the newborns didn’t survive.

When no one came to claim Rita and her nine little ones, the authorities called the good people at the Animal Place, who were able to offer the whole family a forever home.

Animal Place is a 600-acre animal sanctuary located in Grass Valley, California that is home to hundreds of rescued animals, including Rita and her nine piglets.  If you would like to learn more about how to help this amazing organization, please visit their website by clicking here.

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