It seems like when we’re only just getting into the fall that stores and shopping centers start goading us with the fact that winter is just around the corner. No sooner has Halloween passed and suddenly all of the window displays are filled with snowmen, little elves, and reminders to buy presents for December! Sure, the holiday season is exciting, but can’t we enjoy the pumpkin spice and crunchy multicolored leaves of fall just a little bit longer? In the eyes of the sweet piglet in this video, yes, yes we can!

Our four-month-old piggy friend here is absolutely loving his first fall and is definitely not ready to turn it all over for snow. Seeing him chase and jump on leaves is sure to bring a smile to your face. Can’t you remember doing the exact same thing when you were young?


This pot-bellied pig is living in the moment and savoring the fall, just like we all should be instead of jumping ahead to what’s next so quickly. So get out there, have some apple cider, and put up your Christmas decorations when you’re good and ready. Heck, you could even get away with walking around in your Halloween costume for a few more days. No judgement here!