Have you ever had a specific hairdo, set of clothing, or makeup style that just makes you feel like you could strut a runway at any second? You know, something that makes you feel confident? Well, for Lily the bulldog, her self-confidence is immediately boosted when she wears her very special turtle costume.

Found in a trashcan with her litter-mates, Lily the bulldog wasn’t always the most confident pup at the dog park. She was the runt of the litter and is described as being cautious of people. Some people fear the pooch for her breathing issue that causes her to snort.


Lily changes into a completely different dog, however, when she puts on her turtle suit. According to Lily’s human, “It’s to the point where if I have to take her to the vet in the middle of January, I put on the turtle costume because she walks in there like she owns the place.”

This little fashionista can certainly strut her stuff in a green costume, and we’re happy to see her personality shine … even if it is from behind the shell of a turtle.