There is something about seeing a perfectly collected pile of leaves that makes us want to dive in head first. We know that someone probably spent hours raking the yard and put these leaves in a pile to make it easier for them to haul the leaf-litter off to the street. Sorry, but we say: if you leave that pile unattended, it is fair game.

Stella the yellow Lab seems to agree with us here. She sees her human throw the ball into the leaf pile and does not even hesitate to tear right through and bring that ball back for more. How Stella manages to locate her tiny ball in that huge pile of leaves, we do not know. One thing is clear – this is a dog who likes a challenge. Sifting through a few hundred leaves to find her prize: no problem.

Stella’s guardian notes in the YouTube description that Stella’s strange way of stopping to cool down is not tied to a medical condition; she has been test for canine Exercise Induced Collapse and does not suffer from this condition. Stella’s just a dog on a mission to find her ball … and have some wild, fall fun in the process.