Everyone has heard of The China Study and Forks Over Knives. Now, the people that brought us those fantastic pieces of health promoting awesome are about to put PlantPure Nation into our collective repertoires too.

And they’re not holding anything back in the quest to do it. Officially releasing nationwide on July 4th of 2015, the crew has been on tour in promotion of the new documentary and accompanying book since March, bringing the rough cut of the film to 23 select cities in an effort to spread the word. Their next stop? The White House!

She’s actually holding amber waves of grain. Awesome.

On May 9th, 2015 Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the author of the China Study, along with his son and PlantPure Nation Director Nelson Campbell will introduce a plant-based dream team to the assembled crowds at the rally to support a healthier food system. Who’s part of this dream team, you might ask? How about famed physician Dr. Neal Barnard, the founder and president of the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and Dr. Michael Greger, Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture for The Humane Society of the United States. Throw in the musical stylings of Driftwood and the author of By Any Greens Necessary, Tracye McQuirter, as emcee and we’ve got ourselves a plant based rally!

Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his son Nelson in a scene from the documentary

The film follows the progress of a nutritional pilot program designed by Dr. Campbell in the state of Kentucky that would document the health benefits of a plant-based diet. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Well, as it turns out, there are strong forces in the form of industry lobby groups that would prefer consumers just keep to the status quo when it comes to eating and they succeed in killing the state bill that would have funded the program.

As the bill’s sponsor, Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner put it, HB 550 was watered down to “a shadow of its former self”, turned “from steel to Reynolds Wrap.”

Weird, who knew that food was so political? Actually, the Campbells know firsthand and, for them,  opponents killing a bill and throwing up a road block or two are nothing new. Nelson decided that a different approach was necessary. The resulting documentary follows his grassroots program in which the people of his hometown, Mebane, North Carolina, take part in 10 day “jumpstarts” to prove that plant-based eating can not only begin to improve your health in just a week and a half, but it’s easy, tasty and sustainable for the long run too.

The first Plant Pure Nation Jumpstart Group

The film not only includes the story of the Campbells’ quest to deliver health to the masses, but it will also include footage from the promotional tour (which goes through June 10th) and rally as well as they try to bring their message to the masses.  The film has a kickstarter campaign running through mid-May to raise funds in order to bring the movie to more cities upon release (it will open in 100). Currently sitting at $119, 369, it needs just a bit more help in reaching it’s 150,000 goal so if you want to see this movie reach broader audiences, this just might be the kickstarter for you.

Stoked for the movie to come out? Whet your plant-based appetite with the trailer



You can also get a glimpse of what the documentary is talking about with the PlantPure Nation Cookbook, which came out earlier this year. In the true spirit of keeping the entire project a family affair, the book is written by none other than Kim Campbell, Nelson Campbell’s wife. You can take a sneak peak at some of the recipes here.  Spoiler Alert! They’re delicious.

Check out the PlantPure Nation website to see if their tour is stopping in a city near you this summer. Who knows, you may even make it into the finished cut of the film!

To donate to their kickstarter and help them reach their $150,000 goal, click HERE. They won’t get any of the funds raised unless they meet their minimum!

Also, join the PlantPure rockstars Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard and even Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur at the rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday May 9th, 2015 in Lafayette Square from 11am to 1pm to be part of an incredible event for change.

Lead Image Credit: Plant Pure Nation