Violet is a sweet little Pit Bull puppy who was born with only three legs. Some would call this a disability, but lucky for her, she was able to find a human family who didn’t mind her different appearance in the slightest. In fact, having three legs is  just one of the things that make Violet such a special girl. She gets around on her three legs with no problems at all, and it doesn’t seem to stop her play time, either.

Just one look at this sweet little face, and they fell in love with her. Who could resist those eyes?

But it turns out that Violet is more than a pretty face. She has a sweet and docile disposition too!

Playtime is fun for young pups, but naptime is also awesome!

Looks like this pup is pooped!

Soon she will be a full grown pibble, weighing in at around 50 pounds.

It will be fun to watch her grow up, but no doubt her human parents will cherish this picture, from back when she was as small as this toy.




This happy story may not have been possible in many places, where animals with disabilities are euthanized, based upon their appearances. But luckily for her, this family recognized her special beauty and offered her the forever home she always deserved. They can now look forward to a lifetime of her never-ending love and devotion.

All image source: ashleytaylor27/Imgur