Beautiful moments can happen even in tragic situations. Time and time again, firefighters have shown their incredible empathy for animals in distress, making for some pretty amazing rescue stories. One of these moments occurred just recently in Siberia, Russia, when a fire broke out in a barn that had 150 terrified pigs inside.

Amazingly, as seen in the above video, the firefighters rescued the soot-covered pigs from the blazing barn. With about 26 firefighters and seven firetrucks, the firefighters were able to work in teams with some lining up in a row and passing the pigs to each other, and others working to contain the fire.

Knowing that scientists have determined that not only are pigs smart, they are smarter than dogs, some primates, and three-year-old children, we are thrilled that the firefighters went above and beyond to rescue these amazing animals.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the pigs’ fate after they were rescued from the barn. If you or anyone you know is in the Siberia region and could let us know where the pigs ended up, please comment below!

If only everyone knew how wonderful pigs are and believed that they deserve to live. Share this post with your friends and family to show this touching rescue story.