Pigs are rambunctious little creatures. Known to get bored fairly easily, pigs will do pretty much anything for some good entertainment. They know how to play games, they enjoy a good wrestling sesh, and they’re extremely social and love to explore.

In fact, just recently, a piglet, later named Dahlia, was found romping around the I-5 expressway in Oregon. Thankfully, the piglet was wandering around the edges of the expressway and even as people whizzed by, they took a moment to pick up the phone and call the state police. They reported that they had seen a dog on the highway (we could see how they could make that mistake, pigs are a lot like dogs) but when state troopers arrived at the scene, they figured out what was actually happening: there was a piglet on the loose!


How Dahlia managed to escape her guardian’s property is unknown but what matters most is that state troopers were able to successfully rescue the one-month-old piglet and relocate her to a nearby shelter. 

Unsurprisingly, Dahlia was the only animal in the barnyard section of the First Avenue Animal Shelter. During her time there, she was seen romping around the  yard, snacking on some fruits and veggies, taking naps, and letting out some friendly snorts. 

Dahlia’s sweet demeanor and clear love for belly rubs and scratches led shelter workers to believe that she was a pet. Surely enough, the morning after she was rescued, her guardian came forward (along with several other folks who were willing to take the cutie in if her guardian was not identified). 



In addition to inquiring about possibly adopting Dahlia, some callers wanted to make sure that the little piglet would not be sent away to a slaughterhouse. The fact that Dahlia truly acts the same as a dog or cat highlights the fact that these animals are not so different after all. If a dog was found wandering the street, no one would be calling to make sure they didn’t get shipped off to the slaughterhouse. One day, we hope that it will be ridiculous for someone to ask this about pigs. Until then, we’ll just celebrate that this little piglet made her way back home.

All Images Source: Register Guard