Animals raised for meat and dairy can go their whole short lives without experiencing a single loving touch from humans. Seen as commodities, these animals are subjected to horrific forms of abuse and endure nothing but fear and pain over the course of short existence. For animals who are rescued from this life, learning to trust humans can be extremely difficult. Luckily, places like Farm Sanctuary exist to help rescued animals learn to trust again and eventually live long happy lives.

Mouse, the lovely piggy in the video, is a bubbly little guy who loves getting his tummy rubbed! He was recently rescued from a backyard butcher and until now his interactions with humans had been devoid of love and compassion. But that’s totally changed thanks to Farm Sanctuary!


It’s amazing that this pig was able to get over a fear of humans caused by a lifetime of abuse in just a few months. Animals seem to have an endless capacity for forgiveness don’t they?