This beautiful interspecies friendship will certainly bring a smile to your face! Erika the pig was found in a field by Bodhi Dog Rescue and Shelter with a swollen half hind leg. Bodhi Dog Rescue and Shelter immediately took Erika to Thalang Vets where her leg was amputated. After the surgery, Phuket Elephant Sanctuary decided to take Erika in and give her a life-long home.

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary built a pig pen for Erika, who is described as sweet, friendly and affectionate. After a couple weeks of settling into the sanctuary, Erika found a friend in the sanctuary dog, Panda – and the photos are just too sweet!


For the first few nights, Panda slept next to Erika’s pen. Then, under the team’s supervision, the gate was opened… 

Panda immediately wagged his tail in excitement and laid down next to his new friend, Erika. 

Sometimes the pair even fall asleep next to each other! 

Panda loves to nuzzle Erika and in return, Erika will roll over with her tummy in the air! Panda doesn’t mind at all that Erika has three-legs, he simply sees her as an animal deserving of love. 


Phuket Elephant Sanctuary plans on rescuing another pig who can befriend Erika, because while Panda and Erika share a bond, the sanctuary feels a friend of her own kind would be beneficial. 


We hope Erika and Panda share many more happy memories together! When you take a moment and closely examine the animals we eat and the animals we keep as pets, you might start to see how weird it is that we treat them so differently. Both Erika and Panda are clearly affectionate, both are equally beautiful, both are intelligent (Did you know pigs are actually more intelligent than dogs … and in some cases three-year-old kids?), and both are highly social animals. Knowing this, why is the suffering of one animal inadmissible while the other is doomed to end up on someone’s plate?

Interspecies friendships show there are no boundaries when it comes to love. Animals don’t pass judgment – whether or not you’re furry or scaly – they all simply want to be loved and cared for. Be sure to share Erika and Panda’s beautiful friendship within your network!

Image Source: Phuket Elephant Sanctuary/Facebook