Having a sick loved one is heart wrenching – especially when you can’t figure out exactly what their ailment is. You helplessly watch them suffer, you dart from doctor to doctor, and still you can’t seem to get any straightforward answers. Sickness, obviously, doesn’t discriminate by age, race, gender, or species. Those who suffer, whether they’re covered in fur or stand on two legs, still feel the discomfort and pain of sickness.

While many people paint Pit Bulls as aggressive and vicious dogs, strong and burly enough to face any physical challenge, this breed is hardly immune to the physical trauma that comes with sickness.


Blaize, the Pit Bull, for instance, arrived at the Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (S.N.A.R.R) shelter with prominent markings on her face from past abuse and in far-from-healthy condition. 

Severely emaciated and constantly coughing up phlegm, Blaize was in dire need of medical attention. And so S.N.A.R.R workers promptly took her to several veterinarians, and even to get a CAT scan done. 

Unfortunately, nobody yet seems to be able to give a clear answer about this poor Pittie’s condition and more importantly, how they can help her.

Still, S.N.A.R.R is not giving up on this beautiful pup! They take the fact that she’s still wagging her tail and eating regularly as a definite sign of hope. 

Now they’re waiting for a surgeon to hopefully provide some answers. We hope they do too so that this sweet pup can start living peacefully and surround with love like she deserves to! 


With limited funds and only so many workers, S.N.A.R.R has been taking to Facebook whenever they need help transporting Blaize from one appointment to the next. If you would like to learn more about what S.N.A.R.R does and how you could possibly help this sweet girl, visit their website! Pit Bulls often have a hard time getting adopted in shelters due to their breeds, but we are sure that the incredible people who are helping Blaize will ensure she finds the best forever home possible once she is well! Good luck, Blaize!

All Images Source: S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast/Facebook