Cats can be a handful to take care of for sure, but it is hard to understand why anybody would just toss kittens aside and abandon them. In these photos, you will see some adorable nine-week-old kittens that a passerby found on the street and rescued in Cardiff, Wales. The person stumbled upon a suitcase, then opened it to find five pairs of eyes staring back at them. One of the poor kittens had been stuck in the zipper, while another had a sore right eye. All of them had ticks and fleas, but otherwise, they were in healthy condition.

There are five kittens in total, and they are mostly white with some black and ginger markings.


They’re curious little kittens!

Why would anyone want to deliberately harm these precious animals?

These kittens just want a nice home where they can explore and play. 


The RSPCA is appealing for any information on the person who abandoned them. If the original owners do not come forward, the RSPCA will make the kittens available for rehoming.


“They are lovely kittens. It is just so sad that someone has just left them,” said RSPCA animal collection officer Rachel Chapman to the Daily Mail.

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