When you’ve been down, there’s only one thing to do: get back up and just keep going. After a Donnybrook brushfire raged through Australia, taking lives, one motherless baby kangaroo is showing us how to bounce back after hard times. These photos are so precious!

Meet Blue Gum, a rescued baby kangaroo.

Blue Gum suffered a trying first few days of his life. After an intense bushfire became out of control in Australia, his mother was hurt. The fire eventually burned more than 5,000 acres of land and it took 170 firefighters and 40 trucks to battle the flame.

During the blaze, a passerby noticed a leg sticking out from a mother’s pouch, and then found Blue Gum there as the mother was dying. So, the Joey was rescued and taken  to the Wildhaven Wildlife Shelter.

Without this kind person’s intervention, Blue Gum would have surely died, but this person saved the day and did the right thing by taking him to a wildlife center, where caretakers nursed him back to health.

The kangaroo suffered a broken leg in the trauma, but the wildlife center has helped him recover, and will take care of him for two years. In the wild, this little kangaroo would have stayed in his mother’s pouch until he was at least eight months old.

Despite his traumatic start, Blue Gum is reportedly already bonding with other animals at the 104-acre shelter.

Look how small the baby kangaroo is in comparison to that banana and the wombat.

Unfortunately, the 2013 Australian brushfire season was one of the worst ones in living memory, surely brought on by the hotter-than-usual heatwave during that time. In January of that year, the country experienced some of the hottest temperatures in history. Brushfires can be devastating, causing the death of thousands of livestock and animals.

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Images’ source: Daily Mail