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When Brightside Farm Sanctuary rescued an entire family of pigs from being slaughtered, there was a surprise in store. One of the pigs, named Pinky, just kept getting bigger and bigger.

The sanctuary already had a large family of pigs. But they welcomed the new family and the curious ever-growing Pinky, who built a beautiful nest. Why? She was preparing a place to give birth! All on her own, Pinky made a nest, gave birth and nursed and cared for her new piglets. If you’ve ever heard someone say pigs are not wonderful mothers, this proves them wrong.

Brightside Farm Sanctuary houses more than 60 pigs and hundreds of other farm and companion animals. If Pinky were in a factory farm setting, she would never have gotten to build a nest or play with her babies. Instead of having a happy, open place to nurse and be with her piglets, she would have been driven to depression, anxiety and frustration, likely in a gestation crate.

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