A baby otter was rescued after a family found him crying at their doorstep in the aftermath of Storm Desmond. The storm left much of northern England and parts of Scotland underwater, and while their adult counterparts are strong swimmers, baby otters are not. The baby otter, named Buddy by the Scottish SPCA, is so fortunate that he ended up on the doorstep of humans who knew the right thing to do and brought him to the nearest wildlife center.

We’re so glad that this cutie was able to brave the storm!

He might not understand what’s going on, but we know he’s in safe hands now.

Buddy will be staying at the National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross, Clackmannanshire, where kind humans will help him grow strong enough to return to the wild.




Buddy will soon be introduced to three other otter pups residing at the rescue center, so although he lost his family, this little guy won’t grow up alone!

Storm season makes it easy for baby animals to get separated from their families and without the care of their parents or trained professionals, their chances of survival in the wild are low. If you ever come across a baby animal or any injured wildlife, please seek out your local wildlife rehabilitation center immediately. Click here for a few hotlines that can help.

All image source: SNWS