Baby animals, just like humans, need the guidance and love of a mother or father. Life doesn’t always work out according to plan, and baby animals can often be left parentless. Sometimes this is a result of the cruel animal agriculture industry that rips families apart to exploit each member separately. Other times, parents get sick or just pass away from natural causes. Orphaned animals who are lucky enough to end up on a family farm as a pet or in the safety of a sanctuary, however, get taken care of in a multitude of other ways. None can perfectly replace the care and affection they would have received from their biological parents, but the love is definitely still there.

Hans is a two-month-old baby goat who sadly lost his mother. When his guardians realized that they wouldn’t be able to bottle feed the little guy, they decided the best course of action would be to transfer Hans to a different farm that would be better equipped to care for him. And so, Hans was sent to a farm in Belgium to live the rest of his days out with different company. At his new home, Hans has become friends with ducklings, cows, sheep, and donkeys. His favorite new friends, though, aren’t farm animals at all – they’re two St. Bernards! These loving pups have become pseudo parents to Hans and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.


The St. Bernards, Julie and Basiel, have taken Hans under their wing and from the looks of it, it was a match made in heaven. These days you can find the trio basking in the sun together… 

Hans 1

… taking long walks around the farm together … 

Hans 2

… napping together … 

Hans 3

… and just generally enjoying being in each other’s company. Hans is so lucky he was able to find these two! 

Hans 5


In an ideal world, Hans would be with his mother right now and learning all that there is to being a goat. Under the current circumstances we think that with Julie and Basiel by his side, he is basically in the best care possible. We hope they get to enjoy many more years of happiness in each other’s company!

All image source: imatsol/Instagram