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Sometimes, we all just need a hug. Even if it’s from our favorite stuffed animal. As kids, we all took comfort in having our giant fluffy teddy bears by our sides to help us through all of the trials and tribulations of toddler-dome, but humans aren’t the only ones who take comfort in stuffed animals.

We have seen how giant teddy bears help rescued orphaned farm animals recover from the trauma they suffered in their early lives and as this story shows, wild animals like kangaroos enjoy a stuffy too!

This baby Eastern Gray Kangaroo named Doodlebug was taken in by a wildlife rehabilitator in New South Wales, Australia, Gillian Abbott, after the little critter was found orphaned in the wild. Although this young Joey is big enough to hop around on his own, he is still not ready to face the wild world without a little help from Abbott and WIRES, the wildlife rescue organization she works for.

Like human children, animal babies need comfort and contact with others to help them grow. Knowing this, Abbot gave little Doodlebug a fuzzy bear to snuggle up with.

“They seem to respond to the toys much in the same way as a toddler. They treat it as a companion,” says Abbott.

With the help of his bear, Doodlebug is sure to recover quickly and make his way back into the wild where he belongs.


Doodlebug is one of a dying breed in New South Wales because the local government has made it a priority to “develop the interior” of the region, causing deforestation in the area’s forests, where Eastern Gray Kangaroos mainly reside. Sadly, development means that the Eastern Gray Kangaroo population has plummeted by 90 percent in recent years, painting a truly saddening and sobering picture of the plight of these beautiful animals.

No wonder Doodlebug wants to hug his favorite bear. He lost his mom and his home, but there is still hope! Organizations like the one that rescued him, WIRES, provide refuge for many different animals in New South Wales that face problems like the ones Doodlebug faced. At least he can rest easy knowing that he has many other friends in similar situations at WIRES, Teddy included.

Good luck, Doodlebug!

All image source: Twitter