When International Animal Rescue (IAR) arrived to save Japik, the orangutan who spent two years of her life chained to a tree, the scene surrounding the poor animal was dismal. She had a heavy chain around her neck that dug into her skin, and the only space she could call her own was a small plank. Thankfully, Japik’s owner had learned that keeping an orangutan was illegal and contacted IAR.

After two years of being chained to a single spot with only inadequate food to eat, the young orangutan could not walk on her own. The rescue team will have to work diligently to restore Japik’s strength and teach her what it means to be an orangutan. At an estimated five-years-old, if Japik lived in the wild, she would still be living with her mother – unfortunately, because she was kept as a pet, she’ll have to learn these survival skills from humans instead.

Japik has a long road to recovery ahead of her and she needs all the help that she can get. If you’d like to help IAR care for her, you can go here to make a donation.