Recent research shows that cats recognize their owners’ voices, but don’t care to respond to them. This feline aloofness explains why many owners don’t bother teaching their cats tricks, and those do end up disappointed. But occasionally, a special, eager-to-please cat comes along with a willingness to learn tricks just like a dog.

When YouTube poster Martha Peck adopted her tuxedo cat Nova, she suspected her new pet was a dog in disguise! Rescue pets’ experiences and the skills they picked up with previous owners are largely a mystery. At some point in Nova’s life, someone taught her to play a game of fetch! Pretty sophisticated for a cat, and what a treat for the new owner.

It’s always fun to watch a little kitten grow up, but when you care for an animal all its life you know what to expect. Rescue pets are full of surprises, and may know things you’d never imagine they could learn!

Image source: John Wright / Flickr