Animal neglect comes in many forms, including not maintaining grooming needs. Koky the sheep knows all too well how uncomfortable it can be. It had been years since Koky’s wool had been sheared, causing him unimaginable discomfort and pain. Thankfully, it was in the stars for this sweet boy to end up at Edgar’s Mission, where his world would forever change in the best way possible.

Koky’s wool weighed over 40 pounds. Can you imagine what that weight is like on the body? It can affect an animal’s ability to walk, not to mention their skin and mental health. Overheating can also become a serious concern for sheep in warmer climates.


Poor Koky also had a piece of unforgiving fence wire making its way down his throat. Thank goodness he was rescued before it caused any more damage. This, in addition to the almost eight inches of wool, left Koky suffering needlessly.

Koky was thankfully released to Edgar’s Mission and immediately relieved of the painful wire and the heavy wool coat. What a sight to behold!

Now, Koky can enjoy the finer things in life including a nice warm bed of straw, pampering, and endless love.


Koky is a reminder of the lives many sheep suffer on wool farms year after year. Lambs born on wool farms have their ears hole-punched, tails chopped off, and males are castrated, typically with no pain medication. Mulesing is also a cruel and painful practice that occurs on wool farms all over the world. To learn more about what the wool industry is hiding click here.


Unfortunately, we have bred sheep to produce coats that are thicker and larger than what they would naturally grow, which makes sheering a necessity for some. As Edgar’s Mission shared, “Koky’s story reminds us all that we are indeed ‘responsible for what we have tamed.’ The wild mouflon, from which Koky and his kind have, throughout the ages, been selectively bred, did fine on their own — navigating rocky terrain, dodging predators, and shedding their hair annually according to the seasons. But not so today; they rely on humans for sustenance, shelter, and shearing, and failure on any of these fronts oft times proves fatal for animals.”

Edgar’s Mission provides life-long care to hundreds of farm animals at any given moment. They strive to create a humane and just world for animals and humans alike through education, advocacy, and empowerment. As they say,“If we could live happy, healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”

To learn more about the amazing work Edgar’s Mission provides for farm animals, click here.

All image source: Edgar’s Mission