Most often associated with a black-and-white Dalmatian puppy, firefighters are often lumped into the “dog people category.” But, FDNY’s “Boogie” of Ladder 24 in midtown Manhattan, and “Carlow” of Yorkville’s Tower Ladder 13, prove that firehouse cats are a thing … an adorable thing.

This is pretty rad, considering that studies show having a pet can help to keep stress levels lower. In fact, a study on bringing your pet to work out of Virginia Commonwealth University even found that not only did the presence of a furry friend help to lower stress in the workplace, but it also helped to increase overall employee satisfaction. For firefighters facing unbelievable job stressors, Boogie and Carlow might have one of the most important ranks in the battalion. Boogie helps to manage both the engine and ladder crews stationed in his house while Carlow captains the Yorkville crew.


Boasting their own Instagram accounts, Boogie and Carlow have kinda swept the Internet ranks too. While little is known about these firefighting felines aside from the fact that Carlow is named for a bar on Lexington Avenue, and Boogie controls the 31st street turf, one thing is for certain: These are some of the bravest guys around!

 With a ‘stache like that, Carlow was born to eat smoke.

“You guys, if we’re first in, I have dibs on the Halligan?”

“Whelp, just finished rolling this supply line. Keeping the truck at the ready is just all part of the gig.”

Better find the rookie, dinner isn’t gonna just make itself.

Hmmm, according the MCT (Mobile Command Terminal) this call is in our first due. Let’s roll, guys! 

A well rested first responder is an effective first responder.

There’s nothing like sitting in a freshly cleaned bay between calls.

Never can be too careful with the mirror adjustments. Goodness knows people don’t pull to the right when they see us coming like they should!

Listen, I’m no rookie. When you have as many tours under your belt as I do, you can nap on the couches too.

Stay safe out there! Leave no man (or cat) behind!

All image source: midtownboogiefdny/carlow_fdny_cat