As every cat lover knows, those crafty felines have no trouble wrapping us around their tiny paws and getting us to cater to their every whim. Whether they are showing their canine companions who’s boss or opening doors whenever our backs are turned, one thing is clear: cats rule the roost, and we love them for it.

However, few of us take our feline ardour to the same extremes as Leon Sheppard Sr., of Memphis, Tenn.


Mr. Sheppard, who died in December 2012 at the age of 79, has just left his 4,270-square-foot home and personal fortune of $250,000 to his two cats, Frisco and Jake.

Although he had five children, twelve grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, none of Sheppard’s money will be passed on to them. Only when Frisco – the older of the two cats – dies, can the estate be passed on to his human heirs. However, Jake must be looked after for the rest of his life.

Friends say that Mr. Sheppard – who was president of his local United Food and Commercial Workers branch for over 40 years – adored his cats, and was desperate to ensure that they would be adequately cared for after his death.

Attorney Randy Fishman says that Sheppard’s will is perfectly legal: “If their owner sees fit, they can create a trust for the welfare and benefit of the cats and the care.”


His family has declined to comment on their father’s unusual deathbed wish. However, much to the relief of all you feline fans out there, it is believed that they are not conspiring to murder Frisco! Phew!

Image Source: Bill and Vicki T/Flickr