Animal lovers treat their companion dogs and cats like their very own fur babies. They always make sure their furry friends have enough food and water, they provide enriching stimulation to entertain them, and of course, they supply plenty of hugs and kisses. Sadly, not everyone sees animals as the emotional, thoughtful beings that they are.

In Puerto Rico for instance, there are hundreds of cats and dogs roaming the streets that many people cruelly abuse. But thankfully, there are many compassionate people in the world to counter all of the suffering. One example is, Glen Venezio, a man who made it his mission to take care of the cats in Puerto Rico by feeding them every single night. The “Catman” moved from New Jersey to San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 2006 and ever since, he has been dedicated to helping our feline friends.


Venezio started by feeding the cats on his block but grew from there. With every new block he helped, there was another teaming with needy animals.

He has been going out every night for the past ten years, from 1:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m., and is now feeding over 250 cats, a few dogs, and even some chickens (otherwise he says the chickens will eat the cat food!).

“I’m on the street, basically all night long on foot, with food, with water,” he told Care2.

Every night Venezio uses four to five 16-pound bags of dry food and 30 to 40 cans of wet food, about $400 a week worth of food. 



“I’m a one-man show, and I’m already stretched beyond capacity,” he said.

There is no Trap, Neuter, Return program in place where he is, so Venezio started one himself to help slow the fast growth of the already huge population.


Despite the Catman’s unparalleled dedication to helping those without a voice, his efforts have been met with criticism. Venezio believes that some residents don’t like the cats and because he is tirelessly helping the cats, the residents, in turn, don’t like him – he does most of his rounds with the protection of a police officer.

But that hasn’t deterred Venezio in the slightest from doing what is right. He continues to feed the homeless animals and has also been active in other animal cruelty cases over the years.

This man is a true example of an animal hero. To learn more about the amazing work Venezio is doing to help our four-legged friends and how you can help, visit his Facebook page. And don’t forget to share this inspiring story with all of the animal lovers you know!


Image source: Glen Venezio/Facebook