A heartbreaking video posted on the Animals Lebanon Facebook page shows the reality of what life is like for an animal living on the streets. It appears that a kitten was hit by a car, leaving the mother to risk her own life to move the body from the middle of the road. The mom is clearly in immense despair, grief, and heartbreak as she cries out. According to a passerby, “I thought she was injured and in pain when I heard her screams.”

The stray cat population is a serious issue all across the globe, which is why spaying and neutering is such a vital step. Another way to assist in curving the numbers of homeless cats is by volunteering with local trap-neuter-release programs. This will make sure kittens are not born into homelessness and do not suffer unnecessarily. As always, educating others and spreading awareness is always an effective way to help animals.

Rescuers at Animals Lebanon work tirelessly to improve the welfare of animals including providing nationwide public assistance for companion animals and welfare legislation. The organization also rescues and improves the conditions of captive endangered wildlife. To donate to Animals Lebanon to assist them in continuing their life-saving work, click here.

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