Maggie is a 13-year-old whippet mix with a lot of love left to give. Like most dogs, she enjoys a quick sprint across in the grass, playing catch-the-stick, and a loving rubdown by her handler. What makes Maggie’s story unique, is that she has lived in Serendipity Kennels in Staffordshire, England for 11 long years, without a home or humans to call her own.

Maggie was brought to the kennel when she was two, after her family of two adults and five children decided that she was playing too rough. Instead of trying to work with her, they dumped her here, where she has lived in a boarding environment ever since. As she has grown, Maggie has become incredibly sweet and gentle, her caretakers describe her as very loyal and loving – but despite this, she has remained as a semi-permanent resident of the shelter.


According to The Mirror, the shelter has worked for years to get Maggie adopted, “But despite several appeals to match her with a family, no-one has come forward despite being overlooked by around 50,000 potential owners.”

Due to recent media attention, another rescue, Animal Lifeline has joined in to help Maggie find a place to live out her golden years, but even that is no guarantee.



It is impossible to properly estimate just how many homeless pets currently exist worldwide. The U.S. alone is estimated to have a shocking 70 million homeless dogs and cats. Of that number, six to eight million make it into the shelter system, with only half of that number being adopted out. This is why it is so important adopt and not shop for a dog. Of those dogs, senior petshave the hardest time finding homes, because people often prefer the hyper antics of a puppy to the calm, seasoned companionship that older dogs can bring. People forget that too often, older pets have usually learned a trick or two that they are more than willing to show you for a treat and they are usually housebroken, too!


Perhaps Maggie was a bit more spirited in her younger years, but she has since mellowed into a calm canine companion.



Poor Maggie has spent the greater part of her life living in a kennel. She has been overlooked for homes time and time again, in part due to her lack of socialization. 



And, while the people at the Serendipity Kennel and Animal Lifeline have been very kind to Maggie, allowing her to grow up here even as the facility has changed management, the time has come for this loving girl to find her forever home, a place to grow even older and wiser.


You can help Maggie find her forever family by sharing her story and encouraging others to do the same. To learn more about adopting Maggie, click here.

All image source: SWNS