It’s no secret that dogs make awesome caregivers for babies. Dogs are so great at this, in fact, that it’s not uncommon for them to spread their love to infants that don’t even belong to their species!

Combine this innate nurturing instinct with the fact that dogs learn incredibly fast and it’s really no wonder how they manage to become such great babysitters for human children.

Shira, the pup in this video, demonstrates exactly what happens when you combine a dog’s natural gentleness with some lessons in baby-minding. As she gently rocks her little friend, we can’t help but to wonder what she’ll be able to do next … help pick out outfits for school, pack lunches? We’re sure the parents are thinking: “If only we could teach Shira how to change dirty diapers…”

Only time will tell for this pup and her little one, but if nothing else, this sweet dog shows us just how wonderful it can be to raise kids with animals. Not only will the baby in this video have a diligent nanny, she’ll also have a loving and kind best friend for life!